Atab is based in Partille, Sweden and designs and constructs Automated Guided Vehicles for MAXAGV. The company has been in the business for a long time. Its history goes as far back as to 1973 and Volvo Kalmar in Sweden, the place where the use of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) first began.

Atab is an expert of designing and constructing AGVs. The models are designed to fit the needs and requirements of the customer. When purchasing a MAXAGV system, Atab is the company that will develop the proper AGV concept and ensure that these are delivered and put into service. Atab also supplies AGV spare parts and service.

Almost all our AGVs are designed and built by Atab. However, the company particularly specializes in load transports of maximum 10 tons s for heavier loads the company Hedin makes the design.

Atabs business concept is as follows:

Atab’s business idea is to create value for its customers on several levels such as increased safety, profitability and becoming more environmentally friendly.

This we do by offering configured Automated Guided Vehicles and AGV systems. We design, deliver, integrate and support AGV systems, logistic solutions and automatic material handling. We are able to offer top-class products and services through our unique brand MAXAGV, our long experience, vast knowledge and many connections through an extensive network of partners.”

On their website you can learn more.