A newly launched extra feature to our AGV models is the DeZone. It comes as an additional feature since it is especially useful in certain types of environments. The image shows a DeZone on the FX10 model. Here it is located in a protruding metal box, next to the navigation unit.

The DeZone allows the AGV to scan more of the surroundings in front of it. It can “see” in three dimensions by using IR-scanners. One of the most important functions is that the AGV receives a larger top-bottom field of vision. This allows the AGV to spot e.g. low hanging equipment or the raised forks of a manual forklift standing in the way. In this way, collisions can be avoided. The DeZone is especially good in highly trafficked environments.

Here are some examples of what the DeZone can “see”. In this image there is a person and a set of forks in front of the AGV.