Personal safety is extremely important when we  manufacture AGVs. All our products must have all the safety regulations as a minimum.

MAXAGV is designed to work in a manned environment and are equipped with a number of safety systems. All AGVs are equipped with emergency stop buttons and a main switch to break the AGVs power.

Laser scanners detect if an object is in front of the AGV, and if so the AGV will slow down as it approaches and then stop when coming too close.

On the sides and on the back of the AGV there are also safety edges and electro-mechanical bumpers. These help switch off the AGV in the event of impact with an object.

Light and sound also help tell if an AGV is approaching. There are also safety systems in the Max control system. If something would happen with the AGV, Max has several ways to alarm the operator.

Alarms can be sent to your email or cell phone and in this way keeping you informed if something would happen to your system.

Today manual driven forklifts are responsible for almost 40% of the reported accidents within manufacturing industries. In addition, damage to transported goods has a big impact of the costs internally. Costs also arise for repair of damages as a result of collisions done by manually driven trucks. An AGV system can help you reduce these costs substantially as well as improve workplace safety.

A “Declaration of conformity” is issued for each AGV, specifying which directives the AGV complies with and is in conformity with the provisions of the Machine Directives 2006/42/EC and the EMC Directives 2004/108/EC, along with the C-standard EN1525 Driverless trucks and their systems.