We can make modifications to our standard models as well as design more advanced adaptions to our AGVs. Here you find a sample of our special AGVs which have been designed to the customer’s specific conditions and requests. Please consult us for further information on what we can design based on your requirements.

Lifting Height: From floor to lift table contacting surface 375 mm. To the top of the cones 400 mm.

Load: Stillage’s, gauntries and autoclaves.

Length overall 4966mm. Width overall 3230 mm. Maximum weight 11500 kg.

Lifting Height: From 425 to 508 upper contact surface against frame

Load: Steel racks for long pieces of wood. Length of wood 6000 mm.

Maximum weight 3500 kg.

Load: Paper reel on shafts. Maximum weight 2812 kg.

Transports large and heavy paper reels.

Load: Steel forms. Maximum weight 3000 kg.

Load Handling: Push-pull yoke driven by linear chain guided on C-profiles. The load is resting on a 15 mm thick stainless steel plate with a chamfer facing the stationary equipment.

Push-pull load handling.

Lifting Height: 100-2000 mm

Load: 3 different types of loads. Maximum weight 3000 kg.

Lifting Height: no lifting equipment

Load: Small boxes which can be handled 4 together. Maximum weight 1200 kg.

This is an FX15 equipped with a roller conveyor.