Throughout the years we have constructed many applications for the automotive industry. We have a broad client portfolio including many well-known international brands. To learn more about previous applications and projects, please contact us and we will tell you more.

Some of our AGV models are designed to carry out a specific work tasks within the car manufacturing process. For example, the AX model is designed to transport an engine block to the production line for assembly.

In comparison, our larger carrier type AGVs  can transport a whole car chassis between different assembly points. Also, our standard CX and FX models can effectively be used for transport of materials to and from various processes.

The FX and CX models are especially good for transport of materials  placed on pallets, in racks and stillage’s. In this way these AGV models can transport many different kinds of material.

As an application within the automotive sector, they can be used to ensure a constant supply of material to and from storage areas, work stations and assembly line.

Below you find a video of CX15 transporting different materials placed on pallets.