By offering individual customisation, meeting requests and needs of our customers – MAXAGV System can be integrated and serve in almost all environments. Depending on the application sector we can provide suitable autonomous mobile robot models to ensure safe and effective transports.


AGV Automotive

Throughout the years we have conducted many applications within automotive industry, providing customised AGV models and solutions. MAXAGV have AGVs running within Body in White, Trim & Final Assembly manufacturing process, engine assembly lines, chassis lines and the pre-production staging of just-in-time parts to the line.

Some of our clients in automotive industry:

Food & Beverage

AGVFood & Beverage

Food and beverage production require delicate handling and is sensitive to human impact.
Among several applications, MAXAGV serves in production where our AGVs transport baking plates for sweets between production line and dry ovens. Our automated guided vehicles are also used in food and beverage container production and transportation, where some applications are integrated with shuttle shelving systems in high-bay warehouses.

Some of our clients in food & beverage production:

Defence Industry

AGV Defense Industry

The defence industry by its very nature has a unique heritage in the development of products and have world leading capabilities in military technology and sets the standards at the highest level. MAXAGV have integrated our AGV Systems into defence autoclaves facilities where components are heated to extreme temperatures and AGVs enhance this manufacturing process.

Some of our clients in defence industry:


AGV Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly making use of AGVs placing high demands on hygiene and quality. MAXAGV have several systems running in this sector transporting pallets of medical devices from high temperature sterilization cells to a deep stacking radio shuttle warehouse and AGVs interfacing with (ASRS) Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems.

Some of our clients in medical & pharmaceuticals:

Chemical & Plastic

AGV Chemical & Plastic

The chemical and plastic sectors often involve complex processes and operations where MAXAGV meet the specific requirements. The AGVs are developed and used for transportation of chemical vats and their derivatives in the blending process, also specially designed containers and cages carrying plastic bottles in the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) manufacturing processes.

Some of our clients in chemical & plastic production:

Paper & Printing

AGV Paper & Printing

Paper & printing was one of the original sectors to start using AGVs. MAXAGV are experienced in handling & transporting large reels of paper and storing reels of paper in mills and printing facilities. In the printing plants our AGVs take paper reels into the high-bay warehouse, from the stripping stations and then delivering them directly into presses, all under the supervision of our Max control system.

Some of our clients in paper & printing:


AGV Electronics

World leading electronic companies are using our AGVs in the development and production of their products. AGVs can carry out a wide range of useful actions such as transporting components, assembling products to and from the production line. MAXAGV have adapted AGVs to transport loads in highly specified clean room environments.

Some of our clients in electronics production:

Warehouse & Distribution

AGV Warehouse & Distribution

The Warehouse & Distribution sector have seen an increase and demand for smarter warehouses and MAXAGV is at the forefront of this digitalisation revolution. By converting OEM vehicles to fully functioning AGVs they automate these repetitive tasks and remove damage to racking. The Max system can be integrated with the host ERP system and provide excellent traceability of goods.

Some of our clients in distribution & warehouse:

Industrial AGVs

AGV Industrial

The industrial production sector has always been one of the largest users of AGVs. Our client range vary from small industrial facilities to some of the world’s leading manufacturers.
Many companies use Automated Guided Vehicles to facilitate the production processes and MAXAGV serves as a key element in performing flexible repetitive tasks in their industrial environment.

Some of our clients in industrial production:


AGV End-of-line

End-Of-Line AGV systems are associated with fast-moving goods companies, especially in the mass production sectors where products must be transported from the end of the production lines quick and safely to internal warehouses or despatch marshalling areas. MAXAGV are experienced in developing AGVs to carry between 1-4 pallets at a time to secure our customers production flow.

Some of our clients using End-of-Line: