Softvision Profile

SoftVision Profile is a vision based system for quality control of manufactured products. The system finds defects, like cracks, holes or added material, that would have been difficult to find without 3D technology.

Settings for tolerance in height, width, corner radius and shape deviations like skew and twisting are set up in the system. SoftVision Profile operates with laser triangulation which is a very accurate and non mechanical method. Based on this the system can verify that the product has the correct shape and dimensions according to its specification.

The SoftVision Profile system can be set up to provide an alarm to the operator if there is a faulty product. The system can also generate a 3D image of inspected products for reports or manual control of different areas.
The system stores measured data and presents it in a customer adapted statistic application. Reports showing e.g. trends or deviations can be derived from the system.

SoftVision® Profile Project Example

SoftVision Profile applied to the production of mattresses. The system provides measurements of the mattress before and after cutting. In the cutting process, the system suggests how to cut the piece to produce as little waste as possible. SoftVision Profile visualizes the measured profile in a separate system module and compares measurements before and after production for quality control.

SoftVision Profile is used in the production of concrete railroad sleepers. The systems checks the angle and position of the attachments onto the sleeper. The system also checks that the sleeper has the correct inclination and contains no pores. The system records individual markings for each sleeper and records measured data at each mould. Based on these statistics, operators can trace errors to specific moulds and repair the moulds.