SoftVision Surface

SoftVision Surface is used for product inspection to find different types of deviations in terms of pattern, structure, colour and finish. The system can find deviations less than 1/10 mm, which are very hard for the human eye to detect. Also, compared to the human eye, the vision system can work at a much higher speed and operate unlimited working days.

SoftVision Surface uses cameras and illumination, combined with filtering and image processing. The system makes an assessment of the contrast and colour to determine if there is a faulty product. Different types of cameras can be used depending on the application, ranging from the most simple area scan camera to high resolution cameras with optimised light.

Deviations are reported to the operator or a supervising system. SoftVision Surface can be set up so that the operator receives an alarm when the system detects a product that deviates from given tolerances. Reports with statistics and trends can be exported from the system.

SoftVision® Surface Project Example

SoftVision Surface is used to inspect the laquered plastic details of  hearing aid shells. Very high qualitydemands where product can have no scratches or laquer defects. For this application, a robot picks up and presents the hearing aid shell to a camera which inspects all sides of the object.

SoftVision Surface is used to inspect the seal of sterile packages. This is an important quality check in the manufacturing process of this product. If the seal is any way damaged the product can no longer be guaranteed as sterile and needs to be removed.

SoftVision Surface is used to inspect machine aluminum parts for gear boxes. The system finds defects suchas scratches, pores and drill shavings/filings with an accuracy below 1/10 mm. A robot picks up different cameras to sweep over the object to make the defects appear.