MAXAGV provide effective transport solutions for many types of applications and industries.
Our AGVs are built by the principle of a safe, reliable and robust long-term investment.


MAXAGV helps to improve workplace safety as well as reduce damage costs substantially by following the industry safety regulations as minimum design requirements.
AGVs are designed to work in an environment with people working around them, MAXAGV follow stringent industry safety regulations to make sure people are safe. All our AGVs are equipped with personal safety system, including emergency stop buttons, laser scanners in front or at the rear to detect any objects, safety side edges and electromechanical bumpers that stop the AGV in the event of an impact.

A Declaration of conformity is issued for each AGV, specifying which directives the AGV complies with and is in conformity with the provisions of the Machine Directives 2006/42/EC and the EMC Directives 2004/108/EC, along with the International Organization for Standardization C-standard ISO 3691- 4:2020 (EN 1525) Driverless trucks and their agv systems.


The heart within the automated guided vehicles itself that combines the AGV software and the AGV hardware is the Sonix Control unit. Sonix is one of the aspects that makes MAXAGV a world leading AGV system.

Sonix controls all activities onboard our AGVs, enabling efficient customisation and realisation to withstand the environments met within the many different application sectors.

The Sonix controller is developed by MAXAGV, together with the Max Control System they provide in-depth information. Sonix enables Max to have greater flexibility and a more efficient implementation.


Our AGVs are equipped with different types of rechargeable batteries providing non-stop 24/7 operation within different environments, applications, and costs. These range from wet lead acid which needs to be topped up with water, gel which emit fewer emissions, to lithium ion batteries which are maintenance free.

When charging MAXAGV prefer to leave the battery in the AGV at all times and use opportunity charging technology when idle, in simple terms this means the AGV will go to charge when it doesn’t have any transport orders to complete. The Max AGV control system has overall control of the AGVs, combined with intelligent chargers. A battery removal trolley is provided for inspection during scheduled service and maintenance.