MAXAGV has an extensive experience of converting manual forklift trucks into automated guided vehicles due to high demand from the 3PL logistics and distribution sectors.

Warehouses are typically a 24/7 operation requiring an enormous workforce. MAXAGV converts manual Reach Trucks and Very Narrow Aisle Trucks providing possibilities for our customers when it comes to high lifts, narrow aisles or man-up design for rack operation in high-bay warehouses.


Customisation is one of the biggest strengths of MAXAGV. Beside standard AGV solutions we design bespoke AGVs to meet very specific requirements of our customers.

Whether our customers require modifications to our standard models or design more advanced adaptions, MAXAGV will rise to these challenges. Together with close consultation in every step of the way we will provide an AGV solution to meet the demands.

Consult us on what we can design based on your requirements.


AGVs generally have a long-life expectancy but as all electromechanical machinery, it will deteriorate with time.

Since we believe in and promote sustainable products, our service division provides renovation or retrofit to upgrade your existing AGV. This is a cost-efficient solution that can extend lifetime of your automated vehicle by another 10 to 15 years.

Before discarding your automated vehicles, contact us on how we may help to improve your current AGV system.


MAXAGV is a world leader in providing and handling industrial heavy load AGV transport solutions. We collaborate with Hedin Lagan AB that have a long history and invaluable experience with press shops and heavy fabrication structures in the automotive and aerospace industries.

This gives MAXAGV a unique advantage where heavy loads need to be handled efficiently and safely by AGVs.