SoftVision Wood

SoftVision Wood is an advanced vision based system specifically developed to support processes in the wood industry. The system optimizes cutting of parts such as logs and boards to maximize material usage. Defects such as wane, marrow, sapwood, decay, knots and cracks are detected by the system, combining color inspection and 3D measuring.

At inspection of a log, SoftVision Wood selects among a number of pre-defined formats and products with different properties. Based on these criteria, together with information on the measured shape and detected defects, SoftVision Wood calculates the most valuable combination of products for each wooden piece.

The optimization result transferred to the sawing equipment can be used for both lengthwise sawing and cutting, including sorting. Optimizing algorithms run parallel with measuring to maintain capacity. Different types of reports and statistics can be exported from the SoftVision Wood system. Examples include shift statistics, change lists, trendgraph analysis, measured and optimized volumes etc.

SoftVision® Wood Project Example

SoftVision Wood system is used in the inspection of the end of boards to detect if there is marrow within the board or not. The system inspects the annual rings in the board and measures the position of the pith.

SoftVision Wood system set up to measure logs, blocks and boards. The system detects defects such as wane, marrow, sap wood, decay, knots and cracks. The thorough inspections of raw material condition helpincrease quality of finished goods. The system also controls the sawlines.