PalletLocator is a 3D-vision based system that can be placed in the fork carriage of the AGV. PalletLocator can be used with one or two cameras, making the system useful also for an AGV with double-sided loading capacity. The system can handle up to 10 different load types, freely configurable.

The PalletLocator can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The main task is to locate the position of a pallet to assist the AGV with pick-up when the pallet is placed in an unknown position. Another useful task is to check that a location is empty before the AGV deposits the load on that specific position.

The PalletLocator system can measure positions and height such as the height of a stack of empty pallets before putting a new pallet on top of the stack. Another useful method is to measure the height of a rack beam to adjust drop-off height before unloading a pallet in a rack location. PalletLocator can stream images to receiving software giving extra eyes when manually maneuvering the AGV.