Softvision Locate

SoftVision Locate is a vision based system which improves picking precision for industrial robots. The system assists the robot in object localization and picking. SoftVision Locate uses both 2D and 3D technology to create an image of the object to be picked. It further communicates object details and coordinates to the robot.

Some common applications include picking articles from a pallet, tray or conveyor. SoftVision Locate can be used for many different types of industrial robots. Reports can be derived on the system’s utilization level, number of picks, rejected objects and more.

SoftVision® Locate Project Example

SoftVision Locate is used to aid robot in the palletizing of chocolate packages.

SoftVision Locate is used to help robot locate springs randomly placed in a tray. The robot picks up and mounts the springs onto concrete sleepers.

SoftVision Locate is used for the de-palletizing aluminium pieces for truck gear boxes to be automatically fedinto machining tools.

SoftVision Locate is used for locating transparent bags to be packed into boxes.

SoftVision Locate is used in the de-palletizing of boards from a stack to be placed into boxes.