SoftVision PalletMeasure

SoftVision PalletMeasure is a vision based system for pallet and load inspection. The system makes sure that your warehouse only uses pallets that fulfill your requirements and that the load doesn’t deviate from expected format.

The PalletMesure uses profile measurement of the top and bottom of the pallet. Based on this the system can detect damaged boards, protruding nails, twisted blocks, cracks and blocked tunnels. The system can also be used to measure the format of the load on the pallet, ensuring that it will fit the storage destination.

Measurement data are stored and reports can be extracted as an Excel or PDF files. The system has an image bank showing the latest inspected pallets. Therefore, you can retrospectively check why certain pallets failed. The system also stores changes on all critical parameters and settings, making it easy to trace changes, find out when they occurred and who’s responsible.