Automated Guided Vehicles

MAXAGV offers a range of standard Automated Guided Vehicle models and bespoke AGVs that can be adapted for your specific needs and requirements.

Our FX range are a fork type Automated Guided Vehicle and the CX range are load carriers. Apart from our standard models we can offer special designs for your application, heavy load Automated Guided Vehicles and FLT Conversions – manual forklift trucks (FLTs) converted into an AGV.

Advantages of AGVs/AMRs

The technology of Automated Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots targets some common challenges found in intralogistics today and help improve material handling process efficiency in various ways.

Increased productivity

AGVs respond to calls for pick-up and delivery which ensures that materials are delivered to the right place at the right time. Our software provides excellent trace and load tracking as well as a sophisticated statistics and diagnostics module which allows for further optimization of the material flow over time.

Operational 24/7

AGVs are designed to work around the clock, without the need for breaks or rest. In case one vehicle malfunctions, the rest of the fleet will continue to operate. Battery power and automatic charging ensure continuous, reliable operation. Depending on the type of application, Return on Investment for an AGV system is generally 1-3 years.

Improved workplace safety

Introducing AGVs/AMRs generally helps to improve workplace safety as well as reduces material damage costs. The vehicles and software have several built-in safety systems and materials are delivered with high accuracy and precision. AGVs often create order in the workplace environment and keep driveways clear.

Flexible solutions from MAXAGV

Over the years MAXAGV has developed a broad portfolio of vehicle types suitable for various industries and application areas. After installation, our systems have the possibility to be extended or adjusted depending on how your business changes over time. Our AGVs and software have a modular design which can be adapted and customized depending on our customers’ needs.

How do I know which AGV/AMR to select?

The vehicle type and design are dependent upon the application area, on-site environment and what type of load should be handled.

AGVs from MAXAGV can handle many different types of loads – everything from light trolleys weighing just a few kg or large car chassis or racks weighing several tonnes. We can offer automated transport solutions for marshalling lanes, block stacking, rack handling, conveyor transfer, motor or car assembly and more. It all depends on our customers’ needs.

It is important for us to collaborate with our customers every step of the way to provide an AGV system which meets the demands at each specific site.

In short, the best way to know what vehicle to select is by contacting us for a consultation.


FX Fork AGV can operate as floor-to-floor or floor-to-racking, delivering loads to conveyors or warehouse marshalling with deep stacking lanes. The Automated Guided Vehicle can carry an array of unit loads from different pallets, roll cages, containers, reels of paper, industrial stillages or deep stacking shuttle cars.

FX Fork AGV can also integrate with palletisers and robot cells.


CX Carrier Automated Guided Vehicle operates with conveyor systems, trolleys and low-rack stations by traveling under the load and lifting it vertically or by receiving and transferring the load horizontally from conveyor systems.
 The CX with twin conveyors can handle multiple pallets, roll cages, containers or stillages, simultaneously unloading them at single or multiple required destinations.