Autonomous Mobile Robots

MAXAGV offers a range of standard Autonomous Mobile Robots models and bespoke AMRs that can be adapted for your specific needs and requirements.

Our FX range are a fork type Autonomous Mobile Robots and the CX range are load carriers. Apart from our standard models we can offer special designs for your application, heavy load Autonomous Mobile Robots and FLT Conversions – manual forklift trucks (FLTs) converted into an AMR.


FX Fork AGV can operate as floor-to-floor or floor-to-racking, delivering loads to conveyors or warehouse marshalling with deep stacking lanes. The Autonomous Mobile Robot can carry an array of unit loads from different pallets, roll cages, containers, reels of paper, industrial stillages or deep stacking shuttle cars.

FX Fork AGV can also integrate with palletisers and robot cells.


CX Carrier Autonomous Mobile Robots operates with conveyor systems, trolleys and low-rack stations by traveling under the load and lifting it vertically or by receiving and transferring the load horizontally from conveyor systems.
 The CX with twin conveyors can handle multiple pallets, roll cages, containers or stillages, simultaneously unloading them at single or multiple required destinations.