MAXAGV Partner Days 2016

This year's Partner Days was a success with representatives coming all the way from Korea, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden and China!
automated guided vehicle

What is Max? Learn by watching this video.

Max is the AGV software and control system. Click on the video to see what Max looks like...
automated guided vehicle

Extra high lifting height with FX30

See pictures of our finished FX30. It has a lifting height of 7 meters!
automated guided vehicle

See video of CX01 in action

CX01 is one of our smallest AGVs. This one was designed to work in 60 degrees Celsius...

Featured Partner of the month: Soft Design

SoftDesign is located outside the city of Gothenburg in Sweden. SoftDesign provides a Swedish made AGV system called Max and SoftVisioning for positioning and product control...
automated guided vehicle

See video of FX10 in action

At Norksk Lastbaerer Pool a number of FX10 are working day and night by picking up and stacking plastic pallets. The plastic pallets are mainly used in the Norwegian grocery sector...
automated guided vehicle

AGVs are safe

Our AGVs are equipped with a number of safety systems. For example on the vehicles you find bumpers and safety edges which stop the vehicles at contact...