MAX Control System

Max is a state-of-the-art, dependable AGV Control System that runs on a modern client server Windows environment. It utilises Microsoft products which provides great possibilities for future expansion. Max is user-friendly with well-presented screens and with logical functionality.

Max Control System handles everything from transport and warehousing, load tracking, buffering and order swapping to optimal dynamic route selection, location selection, charge control, priorities and dead lock prevention – all shown in real time 2D & 3D visualisation.

Max controls the AGV routing making split second decisions along the AGV’s guidance path in order to select optimum routes to specific destinations. In certain applications Max can be supplied with optional Warehouse Management for stock control and inventory. The Max system has embedded optimal dynamic routing and load tracking, knowing where pallets and products are at all times.


Max AGV Control System

Operating Environment

  • C# on Microsoft .NET Platform
  • SQL Server / Oracle Database
  • Fully Integrated Windows Security
  • Windows 2019 / 2022 Server
  • Windows 11
AGV Client


  • Graphic Auto-Updating Screens
  • Remote AGV Diagnostics
  • 2D & 3D Visualisation
AGV Configuration


  • Standard External Interface
  • Graphical Configuration Editor
  • Layout Changes in MAX
  • Offline Test & Emulation
  • Fully Configurable