Our CX models are load carriers. The AGV can be equipped with a hydraulic lift table, a roller conveyor or chain conveyor depending on its purpose. CX15 is great for transporting different types of material.

It is mainly built to carry pallets, but can transport any type of load if this is placed on a pallet or platform. The CX15 has great maneuverability and either maneuvers by a SingleDriveSingleSteer (SDSS) or SingleDriveEccentricSteer (SDES) wheel configuration system.

Due to the many ways in which it can be used and adapted, CX15 is a model that is often requested. It is fast and reliable in its load transfers, as well as easy to service and maintain.

automated guided vehicle

Lifting Height: Transfer height 807 mm

Load: Closed GKN Pallet. Maximum weight 1400 kg.

Equipped with one roller conveyor.

automated guided vehicle

Lifting Height: From 650 to 750 mm to upper surface without guiding.

Load: Robo-Pot. Maximum weight 1250 kg. Maximum height of load 1630 mm.

Equipped with a lift platform.

automated guided vehicle

Lifting Height: Transfer height 750 mm

Load: Small metal boxes. 9 boxes/transport. Maximum weight 18 kg/box.

Load is enclosed by a cage and safety barrier to prevent theft.