Our CX models are load carriers and often equipped with either a lift table or roller conveyors. The CX30 is one of our larger AGV types with a high load capacity. Although being one of our larger AGVs it still has great maneuverability since it has a DualDriveDualSteer (DDDS) wheel configuration system system.

The CX30 is great for transport of different types of pallets such as EUR, GKN or Brewery pallets. It safely transports any type of load which is placed on the pallets. Adaptions can be made to the model depending on its use, purpose and what type of load it should carry.

Below you see two types of CX30. The CX30 with two roller conveyors can carry two stacks of pallets at the same time which makes it highly efficient and may reduce the number of AGVs needed in the system. This CX30 can also deliver one pallet to one location and another to a second location.

AGV Carrier Automated Guided Vehicle

Lifting height: 1050 mm

Load: maximum 1500 kg

Lift platform, DDDS and high load capacity.

AGV Carrier Automated Guided Vehicle

Lifting height: –

Load: Different types of pallets

Twin roller conveyor, DDDS and high load capacity.