Our FX models are constructed as a forklift type which make them especially suitable for transport of pallets. The FX10 can carry different types and sizes of pallets. Adaptions can be made to the model depending on its use and purpose.

Since the FX10 is the smallest model in the FX range it is ideal to use where aisles and gangways are very narrow. It has many uses as it can transport any material placed on the pallet or specific customer designed stillage’s. The load can also be loaded and unloaded on different heights as the AGV has an encoder which helps to measure the lifting height.

Lifting height: Telescopic mast 85 -3200mm

Load: EUR Pallets.  Maximum weight 1000kg,

Built for transporting materials on pallets.

Lifting Height: Telescopic mast 85-2700 mm

Load: EUR pallets. Maximum weight 400 kg.

This model has an extra high navigation mast.

Lifting Height: Telescopic mast 85-2500 mm

Load: EUR pallets. Maximum weight 1000 kg.

This model is equipped with a Dezone.