Our FX models are constructed as a forklift type which make them especially suitable for transport of pallets and stillages. The FX15 can carry different types and sizes of pallets. Adaptions can be made to the model depending on its use and purpose.

For example it can be made as a Counterbalance. It can transport any material placed on the pallet, provided that the material is compatible with the pallet. Loading and unloading can be done on different heights as FX15 has an encoder which helps to measure the lifting height.

The model is also capable of deep stacking pallets. The AGV travels in two directions, however travelling backwards is mainly done when loading and unloading. FX15 has a larger battery which gives it approximately 16 hours of driving time.

AGV Forklift FX15 Automated Guided Vehicle

Lifting Height: 85-2800 mm

Load: Different whole and half pallets and boxes. Maximum weight 1300 kg.

Equipped with a TIM300 machine protection.

AGV Forklift FX15 Automated Guided Vehicle

Lifting Height: 85-1500 mm

Load: Different types of pallets and trolleys

Has a tag reader in the middle of fork carriage.

AGV Forklift FX30 Paper Industry

Lifting Height: 10-3360 mm

Load: Paper reels, bins and cradles. Maximum weight 2000 kg.

Transports reels without damaging the paper roll.