Our FX models are constructed as a forklift type which make them especially suitable for transport of pallets and stillages. The FX40 can carry different types and sizes of pallets and stillages. The model is a side loader, meaning that pallets are loaded from the long side of the AGV.

During transport the load rests within the AGV’s frame on the chassi.  The FX40 has great maneuverability and can move in different directions. The AGV has a reach mast and fork spread. Loading and unloading can be done on different heights since FX40 has an encoder which helps to measure the lifting height.The model is also capable of deep stacking pallets or working at height into a racking system.

AGV Forklift FX40S Automated Guided Vehicle
AGV Forklift FX40 Automated Guided Vehicle
AGV Forklift FX40L Automated Guided Vehicle

Lifting Height: 85-3600 mm

Load: Pallets and racks. Maximum weight 1500 kg.

Side loader with load resting on the chassis during transport. Options of forkspread, tilt, reach mast and telescopic forks.