MAXAGV have a strong focus on Customer Support. This pro-active approach keeps our customers in touch with the AGV market and product changes, it also keeps MAXAGV informed and updated with customer modifications and system upgrade requirements.

AGV Training


Training on our AGVs and the Max Control System is provided as standard for the staff who will operate the facility and equipment after take-over. With time however you may want to extend your knowledge about your AGV system.

If you would like to solve more advanced problems on your own or require AGV training for your new staff, please contact us at for a suitable education plan.

AGV Service & Maintenance


With many years of preventative and corrective maintenance experience, MAXAGV and our local service partners can design service agreements that suit our customer’s needs.
This ensures the most cost-effective maintenance plan and maximum up-time for our customer’s AGV systems, ensuring vital objectives for achieving maximum profitability and leaving our customers to concentrate on their core business.

Please send your enquiry to
Phone: +46 (0)31-340 13 61

AGV Repair & Spareparts


To ensure optimal efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your autonomous mobile robots we provide aftersales to all our customers for all our AGV models. MAXAGV can offer parts delivery of stock item held at our head office. Alternatively, MAXAGV can offer a comprehensive list of recommended parts that are critical for your AGVs.

When a part is used you can order another one to replace it, ensuring you always have the required part on site.

Please send your enquiry to .


MAXAGV includes fully integrated software systems, giving our customers an outstanding advantage.

We provide direct real-time diagnostics without involving a third-party supplier and offer a range of support contracts to meet your budget and requirements – from a single day shift application to 24/7 support. Our highly skilled software engineers can monitor your system remotely and can prevent or correct potential disruptions to maximize your systems productivity and availability.

For more information about support contracts, please send your inquiry to .